Are There Any Scholarships for Coding Certificate Programs?

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The skills learned in coding bootcamps are very appealing in today’s market. From startups to established companies, those with coding knowledge can expect high salaries and job security. As a result, many people are starting to pursue coding bootcamps to acquire the necessary skills. You want this to be your first step in changing your career to something in the tech industry.

As we all know, attending a coding bootcamp can be very expensive, but can you apply for scholarships to attend coding events? Yes, several scholarships exist for coding certificate programs. This includes college graduate and undergraduate scholarships as well as grants specific to coding bootcamps.

If you have a passion for coding, there are many opportunities available to help you with the cost of attending a coding school. Scholarships may pay for training that leads to an IT certification or other high-value skills in the technology sector. Here are some options you can benefit from:



Anyone can start their technology career on their own budget. If you are unemployed, underemployed, or a furloughed worker, you can still achieve a certificate and be a master in the tech field. Scholarships for self-pay are up to $3,000.


Employer Pay

Some employers may offer tuition funding. After you complete your coding certificate you can work for their company. Organizations can help you find an employer to sponsor your coding school.


CareerSource Suncoast

With the help of this organization, you can also have your coding training. Your grant is dependent on your income, military service, or employment level. If you are interested, you can simply submit your application and they will see how they can help you.


External Scholarships

Some coding programs are heavily funded by private angel investors and venture capitalists. They typically offer a scholarship program while they are still in the fundraising stage. Other coding bootcamps might have ties with local companies or organizations which allow them to provide scholarship opportunities to students in the area. This is usually a great opportunity to network with the organization and could even lead to an internship or employment opportunity.


Adult Scholarship

If you apply for this grant, you may be lucky to be considered for more than 40 different scholarship opportunities. However, once you are granted this chance, you must pursue further education in an accredited university, technical school, or certified program. The good thing is that you can choose a 4-year technology course rather than just a coding bootcamp.


General Education Diploma (GED) Scholarship

Many students want to pursue their studies, but expensive tuition fees are holding them back. With this scholarship, you’ll have the chance to finish a course and bring home a diploma.


2Gen Parent Scholarship

If your parents have a low income but you want to pursue your studies, this is perfect for you. The goal is to build the skills of children which will lead to sustainable salaries for the family.



The opportunity to receive some financial aid while learning a valuable skill set and starting a new career is an attractive one for any student or individual. But, paying for coding bootcamp programs can be tough, especially for low-income individuals. Hopefully, this article has helped shed some light on the wide range of options available to any aspiring coder looking to make up the cost of the program with scholarship funding. Now you just have to find the program that meets your needs, apply for a scholarship, then sit back and enjoy your new programming skills!

If you are someone who wants to switch careers in the tech industry but without the budget, has a range of scholarship options for you. For students in Sarasota who need financial support, the Community Foundation of Sarasota County has a lot to offer.

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