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Technology is an important part of our lives—and so are the people behind it. While they often go under the radar, the experts managing everything behind the scenes are the ones to thank for every immense development in technology. We owe all of our conveniences and seamless operations to the developers who work to give us the quality of service that we need. Because of the vital role that technology plays in our lives, the tech and software fields have rapidly increasing demand for skilled talents.

Become a part of the team by joining our cybersecurity or coding bootcamps today! With our help, you can gain the necessary expertise to become one of the contributors to or protectors of today’s technology.

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We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves. Recent statistics show that within a year of work:

SCF Coding Academy

Software Engineering Bootcamp with PERN Stack: Postgresql, Express, React, and Node.
Cybersecurity Bootcamp powered by ThriveDX.
AWS Academy offering bootcamps for careers in Cloud services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Join Our Bootcamps?
Anyone is welcome to join! Our main goal is to educate and train individuals who are aspiring for careers in software engineering, cybersecurity, or cloud services. That being said, we don’t require any prior knowledge or experience before enrolling in our bootcamps.
What Do the Cybersecurity, AWS Cloud Services, and Software Engineering Bootcamps Offer?
Our bootcamps include a 24-week course taught by the experts on our team. The courses will be fully live and led by an instructor. Our approach to teaching includes both traditional and hands-on methods, wherein we present students with practice problems that they may encounter in real life. We also give all students access to our cutting-edge resources and technology so they can become familiar with them by the end of the course. Each week includes 12 hours of live classes and 15+ hours of self-study, totalling up to 640 hours for the entire 24-week Cybersecurity or Coding Bootcamp. The meetings are flexible; livestream sessions will be available for those who cannot attend in-person.

Begin Your Career in Cloud Services, Cybersecurity or Software Engineering

Close that “Coding classes near me” page and look no further. Our team is composed of seasoned individuals who have had years of experience in the industry, so with us, you’ll be learning from the best. If you choose our coding bootcamp, you will be fully equipped and ready to start your career in software engineering, and if you opt for our cybersecurity bootcamp, you’ll have all of the skills you need to jump into the field of cybersecurity.

The tech industry can be highly competitive and intimidating, but rest assured that we’ll equip you with the skills and expertise you need to stand out from the crowd.

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Financing options and career support available