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Digital Skills for the Modern Workplace


Learn technical knowledge and Microsoft Power Platform skills that will help you advance in your career .

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This is a 72-hour workshop sponsored, by Bank of America, uses LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Power Platform curriculum to help students attain the Power Platform Essentials industry certification. Upon completion of the course, the student will have the skills needed to organize and automate office processes. Includes training for Microsoft Power Platform, collaboration tools, and remote work software. Exam fees are included.

Gain the Skills Needed for A Microsoft Certification

We'll immerse you in the digital technology landscape. You'll acquire the skills you need to land a high paying job:

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Build New Skills and Launch A Career

Digital Foundations

Digital literacy, computer skills, and social media.

Microsoft Power Platform

Automate tasks with with Word, Excel and PowerBI

Remote Office

Tools for working from anywhere.

LinkedIN Profiles & Resumes Assistance

Prep for your next interview and start a new career.

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