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User Experience User Interface Designer

UX / UI Designer

Gain industry certifications and enhance your resume by adding UX/UI to your existing skillset. This 8-week program will prepare you for the HTML & CSS Coding Specialist Certification Exam and open the door to in-demand employment opportunities in Sarasota and Bradenton.

You will develop fundamental UI design skills and learn the design process. You will learn to create sitemaps and wireframes using Figma, an industry standard software. Learn fundamental and intermediate concepts for programming in HTML & CSS for websites. With skill and confidence, you can begin the path to careers in UX/UI design.

Students will receive a practice test and one voucher to the take the HTML & CSS Coding Specialist exam.

If you’re a student enrolled in GRA 2142c, GRA 2143c or GRA 2732C at the State College of Florida, ask about scholarships.


Web Design Skills

Design Thinking

Learn human-centered techniques to creatively solve problems


Become certified in HTML 5 to create web pages with effective user experiences


Become certified in styling techniques to build visually appealing layouts

Figma Tools

Figma brings together powerful and efficient design features

HTML & CSS Industry Certification

Earn Credentials Showcasing Your Web Design Skills

The HTML & CSS Coding Specialist Certification by Knowledge Pillars is a globally recognized industry certification on HTML and CSS programming, which grants students, graphic designers, aspiring coders, junior software developers, and IT professionals the ability to assess their knowledge and get credentials for their programming skills.