What Hiring Managers Think About Coding Boot Camps

What hiring managers think about coding boot camps

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We’ve all heard that the demand for programmers, web designers, cybersecurity technicians, cloud computing specialists, and full stack developers are increasing each year.  The thought of transitioning to a new high-tech career making high-wages is enticing – at least to most of us.  The big question is, who’s willing to hire someone with no real world experience as they start a new career in the information technology field.- especially someone that may not have a degree in computer science? 

Coding boot camps were made to try and bridge the skills gap by preparing those who don’t have a CS degree, but have a passion and motivation to launch a new career. Boot camps in front-end and back-end development can give those with full-time jobs, flexible and less time-consuming option for learning the necessary skills needed to break into the technology sector.  The SCF Coding Academy at  State College of Florida, collaborated with industry partners to develop part-time, evening bootcamps to prepare students to become impactful on day one of a new career.

Because of the relevance and rigor of bootcamps, hiring managers love to hire coding boot camp graduates.  They recognize that those who complete the program are dedicated learners who are hungry to solve problems and work as a team. Hiring managers see the need for computer science professionals as job postings go unfilled. Quality bootcamps, such as the partnership that SCF has with local industries, provide a solution for hiring managers by providing a local talent pipeline. 

As more hiring managers seek talent from bootcamps, It’s clear to see that the idea behind the coding boot camp is here to stay and that people will continue signing up for them to meet the demand in the industry. In fact, according to a report from Course Report, they found that it took less than 90 days for 60% of bootcamp graduates to find jobs.

Managers are pleased with the coding skills that their new hires bring to the table.  Before making the hiring decision, managers see the complexity of problems solved by boot camp participants through their github portfolios.  HIring managers appreciate that coding boot camps encourage paired programming and working in teams.  Hiring managers know that being a programmer is more than simply knowing computer science theory.  Boot camps prepare those with little to no skills in technology to become quality developers at an accelerated pace.  Hiring managers are excited to fill their job listings.

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